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Indianapolis’ BLAK SUNDAY releases ‘Our War’ on Black Circle Records

“Our War” by BlaK SundaY

Fronted by Juan Blak, the 2019 release of BlaK SundaY’s “Our War” is a testament to the band’s progressive message and aggressive sound. With a with a run-time of four minutes, intersecting issues of racism, classism, and sexuality are confronted with courageous baritone vocals, steadfast lyricism, and an ensemble of postpunk and gothic rock attitude.

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“Open up Your Eyes” Directed by Dr. Parthenia Grant

In “Open Up Your Eyes, Dr. Parthenia Grant, a Holistic Therapist, educator, and host of Divine Love Talk, aims to “spark discussions that will lead to taking actions.” The video features original music composed by Eric Taylor & Grammy nominated producer Simon Morel. Personal power, stewardship of natural resources, and issues of corruption are illustrated with humor, wit, and a critical lens.

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Tikal Sun — Eco-conscious alt rockers from North Hollywood, California

Infinity Flowerz - Copy


TIKAL SUN (pronounced tee-call) is a band of eco-conscious alt rockers hailing from North Hollywood, California. These musicians produce soulful music that has tribal and psychedelic elements to it. The lineup includes Flutist Juan Cardenas, rhythm guitarist Nelson Alburquenque, percussionist Billy Rodriguez and drummer Matt Gottesman. The quartet has performed throughout the San Fernando region at venues such as Tia ChuchaMental Mondays, and Kulak Woodshed.

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Artist Profile: Skulrot — Punk Rock, Rhythm and Grunge from the San Fernando Valley


Skulrot is San Fernando Valley Punk, an effervescent trio with a diverse catalog of original music. The bags of bones known as Skulrot include John “Red Ruff” Reddick (Guitar/ Vox), Paul Winter DesCombes,(Percussion) and Sanford (Bass/Vox). From graveyards to pubs, and beyond they rock out with an array of original music and cache of covers by the likes of The Ramones, the Misfits, the Exploited, Mud Honey and more.

The single Operationswas recorded at Mystical Arts Recording Studios in Chatsworth, California and shot on location in and around Lake View Terrace. John cited, that he wanted the video to have a vintage feel to it. From the small screen to the stage, these veteran musicians have played at venues throughout the SFV, including Petie’s Place, Webber’s, Scotland Yard Pub, The Crest, Mental Mondays at the House of Brews in San Fernando, and  are available for fundraisers and private parties. For booking send a direct message.

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