“Open up Your Eyes” Directed by Dr. Parthenia Grant

In “Open Up Your Eyes, Dr. Parthenia Grant, a Holistic Therapist, educator, and host of Divine Love Talk, aims to “spark discussions that will lead to taking actions.” The video features original music composed by Eric Taylor & Grammy nominated producer Simon Morel. Personal power, stewardship of natural resources, and issues of corruption are illustrated with humor, wit, and a critical lens.

Upon release, Dr. Parthenia Grant had this to say:

“Please share if you care about even one of the issues in this video such as: protecting your right to privacy and sovereignty over your body; freedom from forced vaccines and forced medical treatments; the right to breathe air free of Chem Trails; pure water, free from fluoride and Chlorine; GMO and pesticide free whole foods; criminalizing corruption in government; or protecting your Constitutional Rights.  Even if you don’t give a damn about any of these issues and just want to talk shit, share the video anyway and get a dialogue going … You might learn by accident, just from listening. And let me know if you would like for me to set up a screening and discussion of the video for you and your family, friends, church or community organization.

Peace and blessings for this year and the years to come.



Still images, video and animation illustrate the themes, ideas and issues that the narrator discusses. The video has been well received by viewers, with authors, and spiritual teachers providing insightful feedback. Director of Kymatica and singer/songwriter of Hierosonic stated “This eleven minute video, “Open Up Your Eyes,” is nicely condensed, humorous and exactly how I know Dr. Grant to be in real life. Where many films get carried away with ultra-serious delivery and over explaining the point while posturing intellectually or philosophically, it’s nice to know that a down-to-earth and intelligent woman is willing to point out the source of corruption and offer solutions that anyone can engage in.” Stewart own documentaries intersect with themes featured in Dr. Grant’s video.

Featured Image: Still of “Could Care Less” Girl, Vanessa Benjamin (1st & 2nd Unit Camera).

Michael Ray

Bachelors of English Literature
Humboldt State University.

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