David of The Casualties, Starving Wolves and Krum Bums on Social Responsibilty

David “Tejas” Rodriguez discusses global community and social responsibility in the wake of a 7.1 magnitude earthquake in Mexico which affected the states of Pueblo and Morelos.

“The most important thing is that people like us are now who our parents were.
We make the decisions.
We choose to go along with the bushshit that they feed us,
But we have the opportunity to get together.
We know this as punk rockers, that if everyone helps a little bit, it turns into a lot,
And this is what made the changes; why you can be whoever you want with less, and I say less–uhm– negativity that there was twenty, thirty years ago.
We have to continue fighting.
We have to remember those–um– and a lot of us, like, I’m Mexican, but a lot of us are Latinos out here, and we think about those countries a lot; but the thing is, Latinos think about EVERYBODY:
We think about those less fortunate, and we want everybody to think that way.
We want fucking people that voted to Trump to think like us, be open.
I don’t give a fuck, you know, what, what some of your beliefs are–you believe in god, you don’t believe in god– what I believe in is helping each other out.”
– David –
[The Casualties, Starving Wolves, Krum Bums]

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