Tikal Sun — Eco-conscious alt rockers from North Hollywood, California

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TIKAL SUN (pronounced tee-call) is a band of eco-conscious alt rockers hailing from North Hollywood, California. These musicians produce soulful music that has tribal and psychedelic elements to it. The lineup includes Flutist Juan Cardenas, rhythm guitarist Nelson Alburquenque, percussionist Billy Rodriguez and drummer Matt Gottesman. The quartet has performed throughout the San Fernando region at venues such as Tia ChuchaMental Mondays, and Kulak Woodshed.


Signature songs include “Chief of the World Tree” and “Ubuntu Goddess.” Regarding their song Ubuntu Goddess, Tikal Sun cited that it is performed to “inspire a sense of love and gratitude for the earth and its cosmos.” In addition to playing flute for Tikal Sun, Juan Cardenas serves as the Vice President / Director of Music Collaboration for the Los Angeles Poet Society.

“Literature and creative expression were the gateway to discovering who I was, it made the everyday living simpler to understand…  As an immigrant growing in a Latino community, I first-handedly felt  the lack of literary outlets in the community. Unfortunately, I still feel its presence in North Hollywood. I would like to be the bridge to the community to literal creative arts.”

Details about their performance schedule can be found via their Facebook page and twitter account @TikalSun. Additional tracks can be heard on soundcloud and Reverbnation, with live performances uploaded to youtube.

Featured photo: Tikal Sun at I Scream Party hosted at 13th Floor Arts Society.
This post was sponsored in part By Doren Damico, author of When You Can’t Scream: 10 Reasons Why I Smoke.

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