Recommended Reading: Locally Delicious, The Grapes of Wrath, and Parable of the Sower


Published in Arcata, California, the publication is filled with a wide variety of resources that for local cooking, baking and eating in the Humboldt county region. The book compiles recipes, personal narratives, and full color photos of the food, animals, plants and the people involved in the care, cultivation and preparation of Humboldt’s vibrant produce. The appendix of Locally Delicious includes listings of the farmer’s markets, restaurants, information on community supported agriculture (CSA), and even supplemental information on foraging, fishing and hunting in the region. The recipes of the book focus on seasonal platters, using ingredients that can be acquired in Humboldt. Locally Delicious places a focus on eating locally by citing its benefits such as fresher food, and a diverse community and economy. In emphasizing on a localized diet Locally Delicious also takes a stance on industrial agriculture, citing the effects that monocrops, pesticides and GMOs have had on the region and the people.

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Tikal Sun — Eco-conscious alt rockers from North Hollywood, California

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TIKAL SUN (pronounced tee-call) is a band of eco-conscious alt rockers hailing from North Hollywood, California. These musicians produce soulful music that has tribal and psychedelic elements to it. The lineup includes Flutist Juan Cardenas, rhythm guitarist Nelson Alburquenque, percussionist Billy Rodriguez and drummer Matt Gottesman. The quartet has performed throughout the San Fernando region at venues such as Tia ChuchaMental Mondays, and Kulak Woodshed.

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“The Crucible” by Arthur Miller adapted for film by Jean-Paul Sartre

The Crucible

The Crucible
by Arthur Miller
(adapted for
In a film adaptation of Arthur Miller’s play, Jean-Paul Sartre, a renown French existential philosopher, interprets the American play. The Crucible is set in Salem Massachusetts during America’s colonial period, but the playwright debuted the work on Broadway in January 22, 1953, according to The New Yorker.

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Sí, Aquí Hablamos Español!

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There are millions of people who inhabit the Earth; many speak some form of English, a language whose poetry dates as far back as the mid to late six hundreds of the common era. Over the centuries the written and spoken language has grown through technological developments such as papyrus, the printing press, typewriters, and the internet, as well as cultural occurrences like industrialism, the canonization of literature, colonization and globalization. The modern English language is an amalgamation of influences from around the world with regional dialects such as Creolé, and pidgin fusions such as Spanglish and Hinglish.

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Tricia “Trish the Dish” Riel Takes You On a Magical Journey

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Tricia Riel, is an artist of many talents. We first met in Humboldt, California, where she shared the secrets of juggling, character development, voice acting and publishing. We met during my time with The Humboldt Circus . Her book Zephrum Gates series is the subject of our interview.

Finding a female-led story can be difficult for many. From Jack and the Beanstalk to Harry Potter, there are many stories out there that feature adventurous, jump-into-action boys, but what about the gals? Enter Riel’s magical novel, Zephrum Gates.

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