Colorful Genderless Light

Editor’s Note: “Colorful Genderless Light” was first published in The Women’s Resource Center’s The Matrix, and released 27 November, 2012. Humboldt State University. | Revamped 2019.

*”Colorful Genderless Light” was excerpted live during a featured artist spotlight at Tia Chucha’s Centro Cultural.

Rolling oceans d’amour, ebb and flow with Grace
as a beauteous rƎVOLution was sprouted with a single seed.

“Hold me high dear Sacré-Cœur I want to see ton histoire,”
And share a moment of silence for the burning of Mercury’s wings

We sing, we sing, we sing.
With the strength of a martyr hurricane we sing.

From the Jean-Paul et Simone’s grave
to the lower 9th of ‘Naulins we’ll sing,
“Je suis force, sagesse et courage.

At this very moment, I see the divine lines of spirits connecting
–yes intersecting–
And finding common ground in the urban be-ba-be-ba-beat.

Our streets, paved with concrete, will be deconstructed–
Brick by brick if we must–
because we’ve dropped too many tears
’round chalk lines for those we Love.

It is up to us to build trust and see new horizons.
We are the children of ions
and greatness is what I and I be.
So I’m gonna to breathe
mindful of the trees, the bees, and the plastic sea.

Che-che-checkin’ in with the Angels of Glory.
There is still more to this story,
because the breath of inspiration is in our lungs like argon.

Beyond the world of Maya and Utnapishtim are new beginnings
and the truth is that the greatest Earthikanas have not yet been born–
The colorful, genderless children with rainbow eyes
are sitting amongst the stars, laughing in the moonlight,
waiting for the days of free flight.

So, today, let us build bridges that cross the oceans
And pave roads that clean the sea,
as we embrace today’s reality with open heart and mind.
If we listen beyond the 7th generation,
then perhaps we can inspire integrity:

My Brothas’ and Sistahs, we are a community.

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Michael Ray

Bachelors of English Literature
Humboldt State University.

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