Cinema Night at Win Within Sangha Hosted By The 13th Floor Art Collective

Hear ye, hear ye! Attention Angelinos, music lovers, cinematographers, ecosexuals, farmers with dirty and aquaponic savvy permaculturalists, the infamous 13th Floor Art Collective welcomes you to Cinema Night at Win Within Sangha on Wednesday, February 18th, 2015! This is LA’s only indie film-popcorn-deejay party!

Your cinematic line-up:

The Architect” by Yeney Amaro
Why We Climb” by Michael Ray
We Got Some Gardens to Grow” by Doren Domico
Gibson Documentary” Teaser by Dave Nelson and Arthur McDee
Changelings” music video | Sacred Circuitry (dir. Gilbert Bernal)
“Arch and Frank” by Ramiro Pulido

Music by
Krista Beckley
SacredChemistry (Ryan Csaszar Cmt, Kairo Davis, RechonditeAbstracts)

Previous 13th Floor Art Collective showcases have welcomed the talents of the grunge-punk band Skulrot, hip-hop group Sacred Circuitry, and synthpop duo Future Holotape. In hosting cinema night at Win Within Sangha, cinematic curator Arthur McDee [Photographer, Videographer, & Pro-audio] shifts the collective’s attention from auditory pleasure to visual stimulating spectacles, featuring a series of short films created by local cinematographers, followed by a panel discussion and live music. The 13th Floor Art Collective curates memorable experiences, assembling eclectic blends of artisans such as painters, live performers, and craftspeople; from cigar box portraits to set designers.

A word about Win Within Sangha: 2015 marks in its second year of operation, the events held in the historical south-of-downtown Los Angeles building have become a destination for Angelinos looking for conscious community events, and stellar showcases; attracting folks with intersecting interests in technology, health & the arts. Community outreach projects include Broadchester Farm, whose aim is to create “a better living environment through community gardening, education & service,” as well as resources such as Win Within Sangha’s own, Sangha Light & Sound, which “provides production resources for the conscious community.”

Cinema Night at Win Within Sangha is yet another collaboration project between the two collectives. The previous collaboration was a focus group, beta test for the Let’s Seed Bomb LA bicycle night. The project included invited guests from both collective, and concluded with a neighborhood bicycle ride.

Submissions for consideration for February’s cinema night are closed at this time, however, as an open-sourced art collective, the 13th Floor encourages others to create their own art, and even submit their own short films. New and veteran film film makers in the genres of documentaries, music videos, animation, experimental, action, and more are welcome to join the collective which advocates for the support of “conscious consumerism.” The next Sangha Cinema Night will take place February 15, 2015, welcoming cinematographers and cinephiles alike

Special thanks to Broadchester Farms, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, Chipotle, Philip Fraser, Sacred Circuitry, Scene N’ Heard, Paul Grubb, Rachel Kadish, and Ten Caddle.

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Michael Ray

Bachelors of English Literature
Humboldt State University.

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